Alex Korolkovas, Rocio Segura, Stephen J Mihalchik, Carissa Lancaster, Herman Van Den Brandt
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Prime 24 ☄️ PersonalProjects
Unlimited booking time @ 23 Meadow St between 7-11 PM every day. Small personal shoots and projects. Props and EQ included. All other hours (SoHo/ BK) 50 % off. $240/month.

Prime 35 ☄️ ProPhotographer
Book 10 hours per month, any time in any location. Props and EQ included. Additional hours $35/hr. $350/month.

Prime 85 ☄️ EditorialStyle
Book 2 full days per month in any location. Props and EQ included. Flexible freeze option for 1 month. $850/month.

ZOOM 16-35 ☄️ Designers
Unlimited studio booking time (shoot/workspace) + 1 selling rack in SoHo Boutique @463 Broome.  $1635/month.

☄️ CO-OP  
Bring value to the community and exchange for studio hours. Basic experience with EQ and awesome attitude needed, that's all. Work five hours - shoot five hours.
Flexible commitment ✌🏼 5 for 5

DM: @monaliza.studios — get $100 off